Introducing our Embeddable Community Widget

Whether you manage a hip consumer product, a sleek SaaS tool, or run a decently sized blog, you can now spin up a mobile community in just seconds by embedding our group widgets on your website.

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Mobile Chat Groups now allows anyone to embed a group widget on any website. Setup a mobile group, add a listing on our site, and embed your widget. It's that simple.

Get the benefits of a full-blown community

The Mobile Chat Groups platform lets you spin up a close-knit community for your website, your blog, your app, or even your weekly newsletter. That means you can now get better feedback and have your community members interact with each other in real time.

Forget about managing your community platform. Forget about scaling problems. Let Whatsapp, Telegram, and WeChat worry about that. All you should care about is engaging with your community.

Decrease churn and increase engagement

Love the idea of better retention? Awesome! But in case you still have doubts about getting all the benefits of a micro-community for almost no effort at all...

Consider that smaller groups usually mean a higher signal to noise ratio. Moderating bad apples becomes so much easier. Self-selection bias means that the people signing up will be more engaged than your average visitor so you can get better feedback quality.

How do you get started?

The process is really simple. Sign up using your Twitter account and create a listing for your mobile community group. Once that's done you'll be able to see a link to the page that allows you to download the code to embed our super tiny 4KB widget on your own site.

The technical instructions, which consist of copying and pasting two lines of HTML and downloading a JavaScript file, will be provided on that page. So why not start your first group: