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If you've got a minute and you're feeling silly, find out what your Whatsapp personality type is. Our super smooth quiz will help you determine whether you're a plan maker or a plan breaker.
The MCG growth challenge
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Mobile Chat Groups is growing, which is fantastic! But it's not growing quickly enough. Boo! This challenge is an attempt to correct this poor growth and the dealine is 31 December 2015. Read this post to find out how the challenge will work, what the current stats are, and what they're expected to be by the end of the year.
The marketing content hub series
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This is a 6 part series about the incredible benefits of content and resource hubs. We'll cover the fundamentals of content hubs, how you should design them, and why exactly they'll benefit you. The series will focus on actionable advice including UX design, content planning for your hub, and how focusing on very specific niches will help establish your authority in your field.
Intro to content hubs
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Part 1 of 6
Why use content hubs?
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Part 2 of 6
Planning your hub
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Part 3 of 6
Content hub UX and design
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Part 4 of 6
Engagement via content
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Part 5 of 6
Series wrap up
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Part 6 of 6

Mobile Chat Groups is a small project made by Pawel Janiak of UBXD.